‘Trivago Guy’ Abhinav Kumar Talks About Life After Becoming A Meme & His Unexpected Celeb Status

When Trivago propelled a brand-new ad in 2016, they had no idea that they were endowing the Internet with their newest meme subject, Abhinav Kumar, or as he’s famously known, ‘the Trivago guy’.

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Even when people didn’t was well known that he was, they didn’t stop with the memes and pretty soon he started sharing them himself and even encouraged them.

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In a podcast with SnG, Abhinav Kumar, Trivago’s country development head for India, shares what it means to be an internet excitement, and how he came to be one.

Apparently, he is the only Trivago employee in an ad. The residue are all mannequins.

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On realise just how much it ‘takes’ to shoot an ad.

He took 100 takes for the first ad and was down to 12 takes by the time the second ad flattened in.

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This is the model he referred to, Gabriel Miller.

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On being the only Hindi-speaking being on the position.

On fronting Internet trolls in real life.

On handling the price of preeminence, like a pro.

Clearly, these ads helped these objectives, because it’s hard to forget the man or the firebrand.

Watch the interview here: