Titanoboa: Monster Snake, measuring 48 feet long and weighing in at 2,500 pounds

Titanoboa: Monster Snake

Titanoboa: Monster Snake:  March 30, 2012 – January 6, 2013

Titanoboa: Monster Snake, From deep underground in a Colombian coal mine, in a layer dating to 65 million years ago, scientists have uncovered remains of the largest snake in the world, Titanoboa cerrejonensis. Measuring 48 feet long and weighing in at 2,500 pounds, this massive predator could crush and devour a crocodile! Fossil plants and animals found at the site reveal the earliest known rain forest, teeming with life and dating to the Paleocene,
Titanoboa: Monster Snake

the lost world that followed the demise of the dinosaurs. Featuring a full-scale model of Titanoboa and clips from a Smithsonian Channel documentary, the exhibition delves into the discovery, reconstruction, and implications of this enormous reptile.

Titanoboa: Monster Snake

TITANOBOA: MONSTER SNAKE: Smithsonian Channel unveiled a scientifically accurate life-size replica of Titanoboa, the biggest snake to have ever roamed the earth, in Grand Central Terminal Thursday morning to astonished commuters. The 48 foot long behemoth lived 60 million years ago during time just after dinosaurs became extinct. The snake will be on display until Friday evening (March 23, 2012) and will then travel to the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum in Washington DC where it will go on display beginning March 30. TITANOBOA: MONSTER SNAKE, a two-hour television event premieres April 1st on Smithsonian Channel. – Photo: Mark Von Holden/Smithsonian Channel – Photo ID: smithsonian_titanoboa_284
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