Ranveer Singh’s Painful Transformation For ‘Padmaavat’ Will Make You Respect Him Even More!

Ranveer Singh’s Painful Transformation ‘Padmaavat’ Make Respect Even More!

Ranveer Singh’s Painful Transformation ‘Padmaavat’ Make Respect Even More!: Made at an estimated budget of over Rs 180 crore, Padmaavat will surely go down as one of the grandest magnum opus of Hindi Cinema.

Made by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, everything about the film is royal and grand. SLB doesn’t believe in compromising on any aspect of his film and that reflects well in all his movies.

Both Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor had to go through a lot to play roles like Alauddin Khilji and King Maharawal Ratan Singh in the film.


Talking about his role in the film, Ranveer had once said,  “My brain had turned into mush, my body had turned into pulp, I had no feeling in my muscles. I kept pushing but physically, I was breaking. But when you have your back against the wall, you need to keep digging deeper. I try to be as honest to my craft as I can possibly be. The dark person that Khilji was, I had to become that from the inside. I had to feel all those things and that can be unhealthy.”

He added,

Ranveer Singh's Painful Transformation 'Padmaavat' Make Respect Even More!

“The shooting process was non-stop. I would put on the make-up for two hours and shoot for 12-14 hours straight and repeat it the next day. I lost touch with myself. I realized that something was wrong. I had become uneasy, unstable. So I first confided in my mother and my best friend. They started spending time with me after the shoot. They brought me back to myself. I was lucky to have that kind of support.”

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