How did Ranveer Singh get launched in Bollywood?

Ranveer Singh get launched Bollywood? (Career & Biography)

Ranveer Singh get launched Bollywood? (Career & Biography): Ranveer Singh comes from a wealthy business family. His father sent him to the USA for further studies. On the first day he was given a task to introduce himself and perform something. In a class with no Indians, he stood up and performed Amitabh’s dialogue of Deewar. People didn’t understand a word but applauded for his performance. That is when he mentions he took acting seriously. He then pursued acting course in the same university as an elective course. He wanted to quit studies and come back to India to join Bollywood but his father didn’t allow him and asked him to atleast get a degree. He finished his graduation and came back to Mumbai.

Luckily he was a good friend of Shaad Ali (director of Saathiya) who was a part of Yash Raj Camp. He guided Ranveer and took him to important parties where he met people from Bollywood and Yashraj. He met Shaanoo Sharma through Shaad Ali and she is the main casting director of YRF. She casted him for Band Baja Barat.

 Ranveer Singh get launched Bollywood? (Career & Biography)

The energetic star, Ranveer Singh, has impressed the audience from his first movie and came into the limelight, as the movie was a hit. His character in the movie was impressive and he well played the role of typical ‘Delhi Ka Launda’.

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