EXCLUSIVE: Evicted contestant Luv Tyagi reveals the winner of Bigg Boss 11, and no, it’s not Vikas Gupta

With Bigg Boss 11 entering its final week, the ‘bailbuddhi’, ‘bodyguard’ or ‘Mr. Dumb’, Luv Tyagi has been evicted from the show. He entered the glass-walled house as a commoner and made it to the top 6 when he also managed to win the ticket to finale task. With his recently growing popularity, this week Luv could not manage to survive in the house. He was nominated along with Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde.


Though the voting lines this week were shut, the 4 nominated contestants were taken to a mall for live voting, asking fans to vote for them. And considering the huge fan base the 3 celebrities have, Luv could not survive on the show anymore. And in an exclusive conversation with us, Luv revealed that he was disappointed to leave the show at this point. He said, “Of course I am disappointed, I wanted to be in the finale week, but then I was stuck in such kind of nominations where I had to face 3 celebrities and I was the only commoner. I had a chance to win, but then it is destiny.”

Well, for so many weeks Luv was touted to get evicted whenever his name came in the nominations but to our surprise, the lad was always seen seeing off another contestant and managed to get himself saved. But when we asked him that this week did he expect to be the one bidding farewell to the house, considering that his opponents in the nomination were quite popular. Without giving it much thought, Luv said, “Yes”, he was.





It was indeed impressive to see Luv making it this far and he was quite surprised to know the kind of fan following he got from the show. When we told him about the group, Tyagiyon that went all out in urging people to vote for Luv, he said, “Ohh, really? Wow. I am actually shocked. I have experienced all these things for the first time in my life and these things were quite surprising. I am so overwhelmed.”

In the house, Luv was seen to be a leader; in fact, many contestants had claimed that he did not deserve to be on the show, for he did nothing to play the game. Arshi Khan also said that he would only gargle with a mouthwash and roam like a boss in the house, but he would get influenced by others very soon. When questioned that was being an underdog on the show his strategy, Luv explained,”I don’t think that it was my strategy to play like an underdog on the show. I was actually understanding the game at that point in time and I was the sweeter version of me. That is the real me actually. Whatever you call it doesn’t matter. When I realized that people are taking this on some other lines, then I started playing the game, growing day by day and learning.”


Giving his opinion on other contestants, he had all good things to say. Taking about his good friend Hina Khan, with whom things went sour recently, before Luv’s exit, the commoner contestant said, “Hina Khan is a nice person, we were friends and we are friends. Fights and arguments keep happening between friends. Whatever happened it was a task, I had decided to play individually and she was quite okay with it. And then afterwards I was not quite happy with what happened as we used to play together, Priyank, Hina, Benafsha, Sapna and I. But this was happening for the first time, I felt bad and Hina did too. We got into an argument but it was just a task, and when my eviction result was declared we sorted it out and it was all fine.”

Taking about Vikas Gupta, Luv was all praises, “Vikas Gupta is a brilliant chap, though I could never play the game with him, even though he wanted to play with me, but we couldn’t. But he has a lot of brains; he is an intelligent guy, who has achieved so much at such a young age. He knows the other side as well, so he made sure to understand the game quite well.”


As Luv sounded content, with his journey on the show, when asked as to who he thinks had the chance to win the show, Luv asserted that “I think Shilpa Shinde has the most chances to win the show. She has the biggest chance to win the show, look at her journey; it has had fewer mistakes and more good things and qualities. So I feel Shilpa Shinde is the one contestant who can win the show.”

Well, considering the craze we saw for the Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain actress during the live voting there are many chances of her taking the trophy home. Before signing off, Luv also spoke about his future plans, when asked if we would see him acting on the small screen, he replied, “If I get an opportunity which I like, I will definitely go for it.”


Though it is an end, for his journey, Bigg Boss 11 also has only a week left to entertain, and while we are excited to see who emerges as the winner, we are sad too for the show coming to an end. But tell then let us enjoy all the entertainment the top 5 housemates have in store for us in one last week.

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