Amar Singh and Bipasha Basu Sex Tape – dirty talk leaked

Amar Singh & Bipasha Basu Sex Tape – dirty talk leaked (Watch)

Amar Singh & Bipasha Basu Sex Tape – dirty talk leaked (Watch): In an exclusive, Amar Singhexplains the infamous tape, the Bipasha connect, and how his old association with Bollywood’s foremost family – the Bachchans – is no longer what it was.
In an exclusive, Amar Singh explains the infamous tape, the Bipasha connect, and how his old association with Bollywood’s foremost family — the Bachchans — is no longer what it was

Amar Singh & Bipasha Basu Sex Tape - dirty talk leaked (Watch)

If the Bipasha tape is indeed fabricated, why Bipasha, of all the people in the world? What’s the connection?
I’ll tell you. I studied it. First of all, my unqualified apology to Bipasha. I am born and brought up in Bengal. By heart, I am a Bengali…

…Umm, and when it is election time, politically, I am a UP Thakur?
I worked in a Bengali movie called Sesh Sanghat which was on the Naxal issue. In fact, when the film, which espoused the cause of the landless farmers, was a huge hit. I can speak chaste Bengali, perhaps better than many residents of Kolkata. My education is in Kolkata, my base is in Bengal. So why should I not call myself Bengali? As a fellow Bengali, my unqualified apology to Bipasha. Apart from the fact that the age gap between me and her is huge, I have only seen Bipasha twice in my life, that too, in a crowd. Once at the premiere of Viruddh, in which John acted as Amitabh ji’s son. At that point of time, I was very actively associated with AB Corp, as everyone knows. I am, incidentally, still officially vice-chairman of AB Corp; how far I am going to be there, I don’t know. The second time I saw her was at a special screening of Lamha.  That’s about all. She must be knowing that this man is Amar Singh, and I knew that she was Bipasha Basu. Barring that, I have had no interaction whatsoever with Bipasha.

Amar-Bipasha dirty talk leaked

None at all?
I am not someone who runs away from relationships, of any nature. They are not something to be ashamed of, or embarrassed about. But here, there is nothing to deny. My 2005-2006 24 hours, 365 days’ taped telephone conversations can be checked, there is not a single conversation between me and Bipasha. And thank god it is not there. The Bipasha Basu of 2006 phoning somebody would be very flattering for anyone, but I did not get that opportunity of feeling flattered. And any lady is unlikely to talk like that… ladies rarely propose. It is the habit and perogative of men to propose, and we are also often disposed. A lady will not chase Amar Singh!

If someone had to create a fake, he could have had another name, more easily linked to you. Why Bipasha, of all people?
Yes, that is what I have also been thinking about. If it was Dimple, or other film stars of my age group, who are quite friendly with me…

Surely there are film stars not of your age group who are also quite friendly with you?
See, ‘friendship’ is being used very casually. Acquaintances are also being described as friends. Many of my good friends, who have made it big, refused to recognise me as a friend when they thought I was left behind, because there was a lot of gap in our status. And when I grew in stature, someone who met me twice or thrice in life began dropping my name and telling people that we were ‘very good friends’. For twenty years I treated Jaya Bachchan as family. Twenty years is a hell of a lot.  There were moments when I stood by her. And when one moment of decision came for her (to stand by me), I looked around, and she was not there for me!

I treated Jaya Bachchan as family, and that I feel sorry for the demise of such a beautiful relationship. And beyond that, I will not open my mouth.

So, to clarify – I am not friendly with many people. I share my life with friends, I can give my life for friends, I can take a life for friends. That is what friendship is.

So who are your friends today?
Well, it is very difficult to say. After transplantation of my kidneys, I think God has shown me real life. From 1996 onwards, there was no stop in my career; there was rapid growth and rise. There was all the time limelight. The halo was so artificial. God decided to tell me, you think you are powerful? I will tell you who the hell you are. And he took both my kidneys, and spoilt 70% of my intestines. For one and half years I was away from politics. What crisis of health does to a political person, as depicted in Prakash Jha’s Raajneeti, is not at all filmy. With decline of fortune and health, comes the change in attitude of powerful people, moneyed people, industrialists. But this is what politics is. There is only the head, there are only goals, there is only ambition – and for that, anybody can be sacrificed. Even the sacrifice of Amar Singh by Jaya Bachchan for one more Rajya Sabha term is legally and morally justifiable. This is what raajneeti is.

The question – Bipasha…
But the pertinent question you are asking again and again – why, of all person, Bipasha? The answer to that is – in the making of Omkara, I played a pivotal role. I assisted Kumar Mangat a hell of a lot. The credits began with: Thank You, Amar Singh ji. Somebody put two and two together and figured that I had an association with Omkara team.

I am not denying it is my voice – but that is not how I would speak to a lady. I have spoken that line to a naughty male friend of mine – some bitchy men to men talk. It is along the lines of “I have become old, I am not interested in girls” conversation. I’d like to make clear that it is not Bipasha.
I will not tell you with whom I was talking, but he is also a celebrity, he is also a known person. So yes, it is my voice, and I am not embarrassed to accept that. I know a film actor – a faded star – was very hostile towards me, spreading canards about Bipasha and me at that point of time

When Omkara was being made?
Yes, when it was being made and I was actively associated with it. Bipasha had nothing to do with any of it. The objective was to defame me; she just became a victim of crossfire. I am searching for the papa of this tape. Many people are helpless in such situations; but I am not helpless.

Aren’t people from Bollywood hesitant to call you now?
Those who used to talk, are still talking. Those who are scared, good luck to them. Bollywood is not particularly worried about such things. If they were worried about that, the Salman Khans and Sanjay Dutts would have left the industry long back.

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