How Aamir Khan Evolved From Young Romantic Lead To Cinema Philosopher King

Aamir Khan Evolved Young Romantic Lead -Cinema Philosopher King

How he arrived at where he is, and why, are questions that have long intrigued me, and so I set out to do a bit of digging to try and shed light on the logic and trajectory of Khan’s fascinating career. I don’t pretend to know nearly as much about him as many of his fervent fans do, since it has only been a half-dozen years since I joined their ranks as an admirer of the man, but as he stands at the precipice of his next big career leap, the release of his family drama-comedy Secret Superstar in the People’s Republic of China, I thought I’d add at least a few thoughts of my own to the conversation.

Like many of Bollywood and India’s major movie talents, Aamir Khan hails from a showbiz family. Born in Mumbai in March 14, 1965, he made his first screen appearance when he was just 8-years-old, in a minor part in his producer-director uncle Nasir Hussain’s film Yaadon Ki Baaraat, which propitiously happened to be Bollywood’s first masala film. The following year he had a slightly larger role in his father’s film Madosh, and he was well on his way. Aamir has undoubtedly faced many struggles in his movie career, but breaking in wasn’t one of them.

 But it wasn’t all honey and roses: his father’s uneven and mostly unsuccessful producing career made for a tough childhood finance-wise, and he was often at risk of being expelled from the private schools he attended for non-payment. As an adolescent he was far more inclined toward athletics than toward academics or acting, becoming a championship-level tennis player in high school.

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