How Aamir Khan Evolved From Young Romantic Lead To Cinema Philosopher King

Aamir Khan Evolved Young Romantic Lead -Cinema Philosopher King

Aamir Khan Evolved Young Romantic Lead -Cinema Philosopher King: Movie stardom is a tough gig to hang on to. For many it lasts for just the blink of an eye. Others have a few successes, then disappear from public view after an ill-timed flop or two. To remain in the public spotlight for more than a couple of years requires constant re-invention. Fans grow older, genres cycle in and out of fashion, fickle audiences change their tastes, and entire nations can undergo massive changes beneath a movie star’s feet.

Aamir Khan Evolved Young Romantic Lead -Cinema Philosopher King

All of those things and more have happened in India in the 45 years since Aamir Khan first appeared on movie screens, and yet he has remained a huge and increasingly influential presence in Bollywood and around the world. Like every actor whose career has transcended decades, he’s had his share of flops to go along with the hits, he’s endured public controversies and embarrassments, and he has survived the slings and arrows of critics and detractors. The line to superstardom is rarely a straight one, but Aamir Khan has managed to keep rising and re-inventing his persona to become now, without a doubt, one of the world’s most beloved and most important figures in cinema.

If he were only concerned with acting, there would be no need for this article. It’s what he does off-screen, at least as much as what he does on it, that endears him to hundreds of millions of fans and admirers across his native India, the NRI diaspora, and to far-flung corners of the world. He’s a respected activist, a humanitarian, and an outspoken proponent of dozens of important social causes. He takes after both his film producer father, Tahir Hussain, and like his famous relative Abul Kalam Azad, he also has a strong streak of the philosopher in him.

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