9 Reasons Men Lose Interest In A Relationship

9 Reasons Men Lose Interest Relationship- (View facts)

9 Reasons Men Lose Interest Relationship- (View facts): Men are from Mars. Women want to know what went wrong.

1. Losing Interest

You are dating someone and it’s starts off pretty hot and heavy. You guys are texting all day, making plans and truly enjoying one another. Then all of a sudden, poof! It feels different. He is being distant, he isn’t making plans and he is less available and seems way less interested. What happened? Did you do something wrong? You can go over it in your head a million times over and you still may not be able to figure it out. Do you want a little help? Here are nine reasons why men lose interest in a relationship.

9 Reasons Men Lose Interest Relationship- (View facts)

2. Get Off Your Phone

Are you always on your phone? When you are with your man you shouldn’t be glued to your phone. Have good conversation and get to know each other instead. How can he really get to know you if your head is in your phone all day. Stop seeing how many likes you got on your last selfie and start paying attention to what he is saying to you. He may be getting sick and tired of your affair with your phone.

9 Reasons Men Lose Interest Relationship- (View facts)

3. Too Much Social Media

Are you constantly putting yourself out there on social media? That is fine. Do whatever you want, but if all he sees is you posting sexy selfies and all the comments from guys drooling all over you, it’s not going to make him feel that great. Remember that he is looking at your social media too, so please make sure that what you post is stuff that you wouldn’t mind seeing on his social media accounts.

9 Reasons Men Lose Interest Relationship- (View facts)

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