12 Hacks To Help You Hide That Treacherous Hickey


6. Pressing a cylindrical object like a pen cap, hard on the hickey for 5 minutes can break the blood clot and decrease the swelling.

Who would have guessed that a battery could be used to get rid of a love bite? Here’s what you need to do.

What You Need

Standard AA or C battery

How To Use

Rub the hickey with the negative side of the battery (the flat side). Continue rubbing firmly for a few minutes.

Although this method does not completely remove the hickey, it does help in reducing the intensity of the mark.

7. Rub the bristles of your toothbrush on the affected area gently for at least 5-10 minutes to reduce the red mark on the skin.

A new toothbrush is preferable. Many people swear by this technique. Here is what you’ll have to do: Lightly brush the hickey and the area around it with a stiff-bristled toothbrush or a comb. Doing this stimulates circulation, but pressing too hard can make the hickey worse, so be gentle. Wait about 15 minutes. The redness and swelling will spread, but will be less obvious after about 15 minutes. Apply a cold compress, as above. Repeat if necessary.

8. Use a coin on your kiss mark and scrap on it to break the blood clot.

How To Use
  1. With the help of your two fingers, stretch the affected area of your skin tight and flat.
  2. Now, use the edge of the coin to scrape the hickey in an outward direction. It is a good option to ice the area before as this process could be painful.

Scraping with the coin’s edge helps in breaking the blood clot, reducing its intensity, and making it easier for you to get rid of the hickey completely.

9. Applying a warm compress on your love bite will improve blood flow and boost the healing process.

Applying heat directly is another effective method to remove a hickey, even if it was formed two or three days ago. The heat helps to dilate the blood capillaries and help the flow of fresh blood, which in turn, clears the clot that has formed

How To Use
  1. Take the towel and soak it in hot water.
  2. Wring out the excess water and apply the towel to the affected area for five minutes. Repeat this process three times a day for quick and effective removal of the hickey.

An alternative method of using heat would be to gently use a hair dryer on the affected area while massaging it lightly with the fingertips. This will improve blood circulation, as in the case of the warm towel, and aid in fast hickey removal.

10. You can always apply some foundation in the affected area to hide the bruise mark.

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11. Gently massage a cream or lotion rich in vitamin K to avert clotting of blood.

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12. Tea Bag

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