10 Rags To Riches Stories From Bollywood That Prove Where There’s A Will There’s A Way

Ever since Kangana Ranaut called out Karan Johar on his own show, the debate around nepotism in Bollywood has been making headlines all over the country.

While much has been said already, there is no denying that Bollywood, like pretty much every other industry, fosters nepotism in all its nooks and corners. However, despite the second generations of Kapoors and Chopras, there still are some who manage to break through the industry on the basis of their immense talent and dedication alone.

These actors came from nothing and got everything all thanks to their hard-work and creativity.

Here are 10 of the most inspiring rags-to-riches stories from Bollywood:

1.  Shah Rukh Khan

The King of Bollywood came from humble beginnings and made it to the top like no other ‘outsider’ had.

The man quit his Masters in Mass Communication in order to pursue his acting career. From TV to films, SRK traced his own path to success, despite his wife secretly wishing for him to fail, so that they could have a normal life.

And as they say, the rest is history!

2. Boman Irani

From running his ancestral bakery to working in the house keeping staff at Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Boman Irani’s path to glory was anything but conventional.

He tried his hand at photography and then started acting in plays, until one day, Raju Hirani spotted him and introduced to the world as Dr. Asthana.

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