10 Bollywood Celebs Before & After Weight Loss

Many of the bollywood actresses have been seen in Bollywood with a successful career witnessed a complete new makeover their bodies to look hot and gorgeous. Most of them were bulgy and plumpy hence they had to go under weight loss program in order to burn the extra fat over their bodies. They did encountered weight issues in their past so you do not have to worry a lot when it comes to enlisting the top 10 Bollywood actresses who turned from fat to fit and this amazing transformation went viral in bollywood.

1. Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti herself admitted in the media that before joining films, she wasn’t just chubby but very fat. We wonder if Priyanka gave any of her secret fitness tips to Parineeti? You find her the new heartthrob of every man here and everywhere She had to lose her certain amount of kilos to get her way to Bollywood starting her first film- Ishaqzade

2. Sonam Kapoor

The Miss Style Icon was also once upon a time fighting extra fat on her body. She weighed 86 kgs before she signed her debut movie Saawariya. However, her rigorous efforts helped her lose 30 Kgs, which eventually garnered the sexy and subtle look for the films and her looks and figure in khoobsurat opposite fawad khan went viral.

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